100% Supplementary Insurance

100% Full Protection

Perfect protection for you We want to protect you from unexpected and unpleasant events, so we have prepared the service “Full protection 100%” – by blocking a part of your card or cash deposit you are 100% protected. You don’t have to worry any more about recovering from you in case of accident or damage. With FULL PROTECTION, we will withdraw your deposit and all other costs are up to us. You won’t pay anything extra.

Is valid for:

  • Body, roof or chassis damage Glass, mirror, wheel or tire damage Engine or transmission damage
  • Fee for towing to the nearest contract service
  • Amortization at quantification of damage
  • Lost profit of the car rental company for the lengthy termination of the insured event and the repair itself
  • 1 day = 17$ per day, 19$ for higher class vehicles
  • 2 days = 9$ per day or 16$ for high-end vehicles
  • 3 days = 7$ per day or 13$ for high-end vehicles
  • 4 days = 5.50$ per day or 11$ for high-end vehicles
  • 5 days or more = 3.90$ per day or 9$ for high-end vehicles

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