Price list

We are proud that we can offer high quality car for best prices and with services over standard.

Full protection – perfect protection for you

We want to protect you from unexpectend and unpleasant events and because of that we have special service called „Special protection“ – thanks to blocking part of funds on your card or cash deposit you are protected and in case of these events you will not have to pay additionally:

  • Damage of the body, roof or undercarriage
  • Damage of glass, mirrors, wheels or tires
  • Damage of engine, transmission and battery
  • Charge fees for taxi and towing
  • Administrative and immobilization fees

1 day = 17$ per day and 19$ for luxury cars
2 days = 9 $ per day and 16$ for luxury cars
3 days =7 $ per day and 13$ for luxury cars
4 days = 5,50 $ per day and 11$ for luxury cars
5 days or more = 3,90 $ per day and 9$ for luxury cars

Full protection – perfect protection for you


  • Replacement of vehicle in case of failure
  • Assistance services
  • Services related to liquidation in case of insurance event
  • Unlimited driving distance, mandatory liability insurance, accident insurance in Slovakia and abroad
  • Regular vehicle maintenance, inspections, oil and other operating fluids except fuel
  • Free option for other drivers to drive the rented vehicle
  • Winter tires in winter

Additional equipment

GPS navigation

According to your desire, we can install GPS to your car and you will never be lost! Price is from 5$ per day, with maximum price of 40$ for whole car rental time.

Child car seat

We will provide child car seat for every child you have. Price is from 5$ per day, with maximum price of 40$ for whole car rental time.

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