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What do I need during car pick up?
The driver must have cash ready to deposit and documents: drivers license, ID card + CITYMETAL voucher, which is issued after payment of the reservation.
Can I rent car even if I do not have a credit card?
Yes you can.
What forms of payment do you accept?
Internet payments, Trusp Pay, Credit Card, Pay Pal, transfer payment, payment in cash.
Where can I see my reservation?
Log in to the system and in My Reservation – My account, after receiving the payment, reservation will be visible.
How can I convert points for renting?
Points will be added automatically with each of your reservation and in the My Account section, after entering the reservation, you can check whether you have enough points to make reservations without payment.
Do I need to pay for another driver?
No but you have to inform our company about this driver and he needs to have valid driving license.
Is additional payment required if I want to pick up my car out of business hours?
Yes additional payment is 10€ for picking up or returning car. Business hours are: 08:00-18:00 (Mon-Sat), if you want to pick up or return car on Sunday, additional payment is required.
Can I travel abroad?
You can travel inside EU territory, all you need is to inform our car rental. Traveling to territories of third countries is forbidden without permission of car rental and full authority.
What should I do when I am late or my flight is delayed?
All you need is to inform us by phone and let us know. We can keep the car for you free of charge for one hour.
What about fuel?
You can agree on full tank in our office, however you also have to return car with full tank. By default your car will not have full tank and you have to return car with the same amount of fuel as after pick up.
How can I cancel my reservation?
It is possible by phone or by e-mail, you will have to pay fee according to our price list. Up to 72 hours, you will recieve all your money, if you cancel your reservation up to 24 hours, you will recieve 50% of your money.
What does supplementary insurance deposit (best coverage) mean?
After paying the supplementary insurance, we will cover all your hidden fees in the event of damage, such as: loss of profits, amortization.
What insurance is included in price of standard rent?
Every vehicle has collision insurance and liability insurance.
What is covered by collision insurance?
If your deposit is 165€ and price of damage is 1000€, you will pay only 165€ for participation and price difference between amount payed by insurance for car repair and price of repair.
What needs to be checked when I pick up a car?
Everything will be checked with car rental agent: headlights, wipers, door lock, spare tire, mandatory equipment. Check whether the contract contains all scratches and dents, damage, if you find more, please report it to the agent and note it in your contract. You can also photograph your entire car in details.
How can I avoid aditional fees after return?
Return car in time, clean, without damage and with amount of fuel according to the agreement.
What should I do in case of an accident or when car breaks down?
Contact us immediately and proceed according to our instructions. After an accident, you are required to provide us with police report and accident report.
Will you refund part of money if I return car earlier?
Unfortunately no, we can not provide this service for our customers.

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