Terms of rent

By signing terms of rent, you agree with rent of vehicle of CITYMETAL s.r.o. and with responsibility for vehicle and other items rented according to agreement until returning them to our company.

It is your responsibility to return all items and vehicle in same condition as when you picked them up.


You are responsible for any proven damage on rented car, which was not recorded in agreement. You will be responsible for paying all costs of repair. Cost for which you are responsible will be limited to participation in agreement.

It is forbidden to crack ad stickers. In case of damage, a fine of 10 € is charged for each damaged sticker.

In the event of fuel being dumped into the vehicle at the time of rental, the vehicle will be subsequently serviced by an authorized service center where the catalytic converter will be replaced. I will collect the fuel samples and you will be responsible for the total damage and consequently the removal of the fault. You will also have to pay all the extra costs incurred.


Vehicle return out of our business hours

  • If you want to return car out of business hours, you are responsible for it until picking up by car rental
  • We recommend checking your car and taking photographies
  • You should park the vehicle on safe place and allowed car park
  • We recommend checking vehicle condition together with our agent

Traffic violations

  • You are responsible for all traffic violations during whole time of rent
  • Except of a fine, we can charge you of administrative fee


  • It is possible to require car with full tank, however car with full tank must be returned and also correct type of fuel must be tanked
  • These fees will be charged during car pick up

Another driver

  • Car can be driven only by person noted in agreement


  • If agreed place is not changed by the company, return car in agreed time and on agreed place otherwise you will be charged of fine

Rent agreement

  • Read all conditions carefully, if you do not understand something, ask car rental for explanation
  • You agree to send the contract to your email


  • You can find all information about claim in section called Claims
  • Minimum age of driver: 18


  • Reservation can be confirmed only for vehicle group

Payment conditions

  • When you pay in cash for 10% fee, we block deposit on card
  • Deposit differs according to the vehicle category
  • Exact deposit can be calculated on our website citymetal.eu or with our app (Android, IOS, Windows) or contact our office

Calculation of car rent cost

  • Daily charge is for 24 hours of rent for beginning of every second hour
  • After 24 hours we charge whole second day
  • Weekend charge stars on Friday 18:00 and ends on Monday 08:00, vehicle must be returned to the same office as it was picked up from
  • Weekend charge can be combined with charge which contains limited distance
  • Prices include mandatory contractual insurance and basic collision insurance


  • We offer vehicles with full tank, that is why we charge fee for missing fuel and manipulation charge for refueling
  • We charge fee 350€ if papers are not returned in 24 hours
  • Fee 60€ is charged according to agreement if all mandatory equipment is not returned
  • Airport fee for rent is 1% of rent price
  • Fee is charged during winter maintenance from 1.10 to 31.3 (winter tires)
Services out of business hours

Vehicle equipment

  • Fee is charged according to the price list for snow chains, child seat, ski rack, GPS navigation

Pick up/Return

  • If you ask, you can pick up or return car on any agreed place in Slovakia for fee

Traveling abroad

  • You can not trave to Albania, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Romania and former states of Yugoslavia except Croatia


  • Collision insurance CDW, TP, person insurance and accident insurance can be set up in insurance company
  • We offer partial coverage of cost for damage, loss or theft of car
  • In case of using drugs, alcohol or other narcotics, client is responsible for any vehicle damage, also in case of paying supplementary insurance
  • Any reduction of insurance resulting from damage to the vehicle is automatically transferred to the lessee
  • If lessee leaves keys or any important papers in car, resulting in loss, he is fully responsible for this event

More information

  • We are not responsible for property of client and things left in car
  • Return is not possible
  • We reserve all rights to change the terms of the rent





  • Client is fully responsible for all fees connected to length of rent during which he used the vehicle


  • GPS navigation is offerend for additional payment

Rent time

  • Every rent extension must be reported at least 24 hours before end of rent
  • Extension must be realised in person in our office with agent and lessee must provide written extension permission and pay rent in full price
  • If rent time is not extended, any use of vehicle will be considered as unauthorised with all consequences

Additional conditions – vehicle overloading

  • Vehicles in category M, N, are vehicles of category N1, it means that their weight can not exceed 3000kg, including cargo which can not exceed 1080kg
  • In category N, allowed weight is 3500kg, including weight of cargo – 1365kg
  • Vehicle overloading is considered as breach of agreement and must pay fine of 3000€ + claim on damage refund
  • In case of rent for business entities, price can be calculated without VAT

By signing this electronic document through the technical equipment of the Lessor, the Lessee agrees to process his signature and related data (including biometric) that clearly and unambiguously identify him and agrees to send this contract as well as payment and tax documents to his / her email address.

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